EQUIP: making Tower Hamlets the best place to work, and the best place to receive care.

The world of General Practice is currently under significant pressure. Across the board budgets are being cut, and resources constrained. ‘On top of this, practices face a rapidly growing population, thus in turn increasing demand for GP services. The growing population has different health needs from those of the past, forcing practices to re-evaluate the efficacy of their business models and clinical processes. As a result of these challenges, practice staff are under unprecedented levels of stress, leading to recruitment and retention challenges.

Our response to these conditions is to roll up our sleeves, and address these issues head on. The EQUIP (Enabling Quality Improvement in Practice) programme is designed to do just that, by providing practice staff with the tools to create meaningful and lasting change. This is done by allowing practices to work on what matters most to them through a tried and tested Quality Improvement methodology. By doing this, we hope to improve the lives of staff and develop a culture within practices that values bottom-up change and continuous improvement. We also hope that we will make General Practice resilient and effectively able to manage current challenges and variation, and lead change so it can deliver even better care to patients in the future’.

Our Latest Newsletter (01/07/2019)

EQUIP’s newest recruits

Seems like these weeks we are focusing quite a lot on introducing people! But have no fear – this is our last “team-introduction missive”. It’s just, we’re really keen on  you knowing who’s who. J

Indeed, the EQUIP Team is getting bigger to support all you practices to shine as you are. (This is Adele’s sentence: “to shine as you are” – how stunning is that!! We ought to make it our main aim statement.) Practice are brimming with potential change and improvement to be proud of, so we need the folks to enable us to unscrew the cap.

For this reason the QI coaches will be supported by two Quality Improvement Advisors. Their role is to mentor your coaches, make sure that coaches have full ownership of QI methodologies to help you to bring out any quality issues and shape them as beautiful opportunities. You might already know these folks, as they’ve been around Tower Hamlets for quite some time. So welcome…

Nynn Chang, Improvement Advisor

Nynn is a qualified pharmacist who is passionate about driving better performance. Over two and a half years ago she became a Quality Improvement Advisor (IA) because she was attracted to the innovating approach in delivering continuous improvement within the NHS, where the voices of frontline staff and service users mattered. She enjoys working with people and empowering them to lead on change to make a sustainable difference in the service they work in. Nynn is experienced in coaching project teams, leading on implementation of scale up and spread of change packages, and teaching the improvement methodology.

Anna Smith, Improvement Advisor

Anna Smith is an enthusiastic and passionate Improvement Advisor (IHI Professional Development Programme) with a keen interest in sports and fitness. Anna’s previous roles include 13 years as an exercise specialist within the NHS.

Anna has a genuine passion for continuous improvement with notable knowledge and experience of visual management tools, coaching improvement projects, performance coaching, and supporting improvement focused strategic priorities, presentation of data and measurement for improvement and all things quality control!

Also, to ensure that all your efforts are captured and your results celebrated, the EQUIP Team is now enriched by Moynul, our data analytics associate, who replaces Alex Trew.

Moynul Islam, Genius Data Analyst (who is actually a person and not a cartoon)

“Hello everyone! My name is Moynul, I’ll be working for the EQUIP team as an Analytics Associate. This is my first week working for Tower Hamlets CCG. I’m looking forward to using data to support the lovely improvement work you are all doing to have an impact on care delivered in TH!

I am an Informatics Graduate and have a strong experience working in various health analytics and business intelligence roles. I’m looking forward to working with you all as I’m a strong believer in being data driven and using information and insights to make evidence based decisions.

Outside of work I love running and swimming! I’m a keen hiker and always on the lookout for where I should go for my next hike. Looking forward to visiting the GPs and meeting everyone once I’m settled in. Feel free to get in touch and say hello, I’m available on 0203 688 2535.”

Also, we have released the date for our next EQUIP Basics training. Half a day of joyful learning – if you have not yet attended, or have new staff joining your teams, book yourself/them in now! We know that of all the enablers we offer, the number of people trained in QI by practice is by far the single greatest determinant of high-scoring projects.

EQUIP Basics (1/2 day training), Tuesday 10th September 2019


Lastly, we’ve recently had some pretty special practice visits, where we feel that conversations are becoming more honest, more vulnerable, and more trusting. They help highlight both the programme’s points of strength, and the areas we need to develop and improve. These feel like a gift, and we are so grateful for this growing honesty and engagement. Tower Hamlets feels like it’s on a real journey of growth.

  1. a)A peach
  2. b)Bee’s knees
  3. c)Cat’s pajamas.

You’re d) All of the above. Thanks for your bigheartedness.