EQUIP: making Tower Hamlets the best place to work, and the best place to receive care.

The world of General Practice is currently under significant pressure. Across the board budgets are being cut, and resources constrained. ‘On top of this, practices face a rapidly growing population, thus in turn increasing demand for GP services. The growing population has different health needs from those of the past, forcing practices to re-evaluate the efficacy of their business models and clinical processes. As a result of these challenges, practice staff are under unprecedented levels of stress, leading to recruitment and retention challenges.

Our response to these conditions is to roll up our sleeves, and address these issues head on. The EQUIP (Enabling Quality Improvement in Practice) programme is designed to do just that, by providing practice staff with the tools to create meaningful and lasting change. This is done by allowing practices to work on what matters most to them through a tried and tested Quality Improvement methodology. By doing this, we hope to improve the lives of staff and develop a culture within practices that values bottom-up change and continuous improvement. We also hope that we will make General Practice resilient and effectively able to manage current challenges and variation, and lead change so it can deliver even better care to patients in the future’.

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Our Latest Newsletter (13/05/2019)

EQUIP selected for top charity scale accelerator

Lovely people, we have big news!! I am practically combusting this week, as I put these comms together.


We have been selected to take part in Spring Impact’s 2019 Scale Accelerator, joining the ranks of seven UK change-maker charities and social enterprises, with an ambition to scale their impact.

Backed by the National Lottery Community Fund, the Scale Accelerator helps mission-driven organisations gain vital support, skills and perspective to scale their impact and change more lives.

You already know more than enough about the EQUIP programme, because you are the programme, but a bit more on the exciting adventure ahead… The 2019 Scale Accelerator cohort includes six other charities from across the UK, all at the frontline of addressing key societal issues – from mental health and loneliness, through to children’s health and development.

This year’s Scale Accelerator participants will benefit from an intensive programme of support, using Spring Impact’s clear, but flexible five-stage replication process, to help them gain the strategic skills to overcome hurdles and transform their ambitious vision into a clear plan of action.

Since 2015, seventeen ambitious charities and social entrepreneurs from across the country have participated in the Scale Accelerator. The programme has helped organisations tackling the UK’s toughest social problems – including homelessness, food poverty and domestic violence – to increase their reach and impact, and to gain funding for their next phase of growth.

Joe Kallarackal, Spring Impact Director said: “We are excited to be welcoming EQUIP to join the Scale Accelerator to take its trailblazing social innovations further and change more lives. There are so many fantastic mission-driven organisations up and down the country with the ideas, ambition and heart to change people’s lives. Yet the UK’s social sector still finds it challenging to scale impact, meaning great social innovations don’t reach as many people as they should. Spring Impact was founded to fix this.”

The announcement comes as Spring Impact expands its Scale Accelerator, thanks to £1.5 million in additional funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK. National Lottery has backed Scale Accelerator since it launched in 2015 and has recently committed to a further three and a half years of funding, due to the success of the programme.

Here at EQUIP, we are beyond thrilled that the National Lottery funding (for which I will start buying tickets as of this afternoon) is continuing to support the Scale Accelerator, which helps organisations to grow and increase their impact. Thanks to the money raised by National Lottery players, ambitious projects across the UK will be able to scale up their effects, enabling more people and communities to thrive. Ambitious projects – that’s us!!

Pitching the Kool-Aid

All the folks on our cohort

Nothing else this week, peeps, “just” this so as to not detract from the spotlight… We are super excited. And, as ever, it’s the collective sound of all our marching feet leading us to this and to other successes.

To (y)our continued success.