EQUIP: making Tower Hamlets the best place to work, and the best place to receive care.

The world of General Practice is currently under significant pressure. Across the board budgets are being cut, and resources constrained. ‘On top of this, practices face a rapidly growing population, thus in turn increasing demand for GP services. The growing population has different health needs from those of the past, forcing practices to re-evaluate the efficacy of their business models and clinical processes. As a result of these challenges, practice staff are under unprecedented levels of stress, leading to recruitment and retention challenges.

Our response to these conditions is to roll up our sleeves, and address these issues head on. The EQUIP (Enabling Quality Improvement in Practice) programme is designed to do just that, by providing practice staff with the tools to create meaningful and lasting change. This is done by allowing practices to work on what matters most to them through a tried and tested Quality Improvement methodology. By doing this, we hope to improve the lives of staff and develop a culture within practices that values bottom-up change and continuous improvement. We also hope that we will make General Practice resilient and effectively able to manage current challenges and variation, and lead change so it can deliver even better care to patients in the future’.

Our Latest Newsletter (22/04/2019)


Dear Tower Hamlets improvers,

On this day before Easter break I am the lucky one who gets to write the comms! Many of you have been asking for more QI Training and we’ve finally agreed dates and format for this third training wave, time factoring-in your feedback.

There are three types of training you can sign up to depending on your appetite and QI journey so far. Here’s the menu:


1-      EQUIP Basics (1/2 day training)

What’s grinding your gears? What would you like to fix to bring the joy back to your working day? Well bring it along to EQUIP Basics.

You will learn the essential ingredients of Quality Improvement (QI), from theory to testing changes in practice.

Essential for teams and individuals who want to get started on their QI journey, or who need a refresh of their skills.

An action-packed afternoon of learning. Based on real-life primary care examples of improvement, led by local experts in QI.

¨      Who can register? Anybody from tower hamlets, we welcome everyone and please encourage local citizen/service users to join !

¨      When ? Thursday 27th June 2019 or Tuesday 10th September 2019 (13:00-17:00)

¨      Sign up HERE

2-      EQUIP in Action (3 days action learning set)

Want more? Want to drill down deeper into the heart of QI ?  Want to start your own QI project but don’t know where to start ? Well bring it along to EQUIP in Action and be ready to roll up your sleeves!

You will get a deeper understanding of QI, get familiar many other concepts and tools that teams can use throughout the project’s lifecycle.

This is a 3 days action learning set to help you move  on with your QI projects. You will get support from the QI training team over the period.

It will be based on real-life primary care examples of improvement, led by local experts in QI.

¨      Who can register? To enrol on this course you will need some basics QI knowledge. To complete the course you will need to attend all 3 days.

¨     When?  Thursday 13th June 2019 AND Tuesday 9th July 2019 AND Tuesday 17th September 2019 (9:00 – 17:00)

¨      Sign up HERE

3-      Data masterclasses (1 full day workshop) – Delivered by our ELFT Colleagues

Can’t get your head around your project’s data ? Want to learn more ? Join us for a hands-on data workshop!

Very practical solution oriented workshop (based on your projects). You’ll learn how to use your data effectively and to examine changes in the data you collect.

Tip for selecting measures, specifying operational definitions, building data collection plan and displaying data.

¨      Who can register? To enrol on this course you will need some basics QI knowledge and a QI project to work on.

¨      When? Tuesday 15th October 2019 (9:00 – 17:00)

¨      Sign up HERE

If you have any question please get in touch and if not, sign up now !

Wishing you all a lovely & sunny Easter break !


Clemence Cohen

Primary Care Commissioning Manager

07950841109 ¦ 02036882509