LATEST NEWS 16/09/2019

Make a date with data!

LATEST NEWS 09/09/2019

Helping you involve local residents in your EQUIP work, and beyond

LATEST NEWS 02/09/2019

Edenbridge updates: network-friendly reports, and more

LATEST NEWS 19/08/2019

Holiday reading

LATEST NEWS 12/08/2019

EQUIP – by, at long last, a patient

LATEST NEWS 05/08/2019

Bromley by Bow, where great things come in small packages

LATEST NEWS 29/07/2019

How can truly we have faith in something if it isn’t perfect?

LATEST NEWS 22/07/2019

Merchant and Stroudley go away – for a day (or two hours, actually)

LATEST NEWS 15/07/2019

Guidelines for good meetings

LATEST NEWS 08/07/2019

EQUIP’s newest recruits

LATEST NEWS 01/07/2019

Get involved in your next GP SUMMIT!!

LATEST NEWS 17/06/2019

Your EQUIP project is all done… what now?

LATEST NEWS 10/06/2019

EQUIP’s second infographic (what a great word!)

LATEST NEWS 03/06/2019

Adele joins EQUIP – and we finally know the single strongest predictor of practice QI success!

LATEST NEWS 20/05/2019

The hero at St Katharine Docks Practice

LATEST NEWS 13/05/2019

EQUIP selected for top charity scale accelerator

LATEST NEWS 06/05/2019

Keeping it real: the team as St Stephen’s Health Centre

LATEST NEWS 29/04/2019

How are you doing with reviewing your EQUIP projects?

LATEST NEWS 22/04/2019

Your 2019 EQUIP Easter Treat

LATEST NEWS 15/04/2019

Have you had a good day?

LATEST NEWS 08/04/2019

EQUIPed with agency: a page ripped from my personal diary.

LATEST NEWS 25/03/2019

Tell me again, EQUIP, just WHAT is it that different people do in teams..!?!?

LATEST NEWS 18/03/2019

Sarah and Osman are working remotely – and goodbye Alex!

LATEST NEWS 11/03/2019

So you’ve picked your project; now what?

LATEST NEWS 04/03/2019

EQUIP: The birth of our very own library

LATEST NEWS 25/02/2019

EQUIP seeks five more coaches – gulp!

LATEST NEWS 18/02/2019

Funnelling a bit of EQUIP info your way

LATEST NEWS 11/02/2019

Do you want to be EQUIPped with something to track your practice’s joy?

LATEST NEWS 04/02/2019

Friends and Families

LATEST NEWS 28/01/2019

EQUIP presents: a snazzy checklist to help select your projects

LATEST NEWS 14/01/2019

EQUIP’s training opportunity… and we are Excited About Emma!

LATEST NEWS 07/01/2019

EQUIPS tips for Jolly January and beyond

LATEST NEWS 31/12/2018

EQUIP’s best wishes for 2019: to plan well!

LATEST NEWS 24/12/2018

EQUIP jingles your Christmas bells

LATEST NEWS 17/12/2018

Chrisp Street’s Lucy takes the EQUIP stage

LATEST NEWS 10/12/2018

One of EQUIP’s best offers yet: seeking aspiring consultants to offer support to practices

LATEST NEWS 03/12/2018

EQUIP loves real life heroes

LATEST NEWS 26/11/2018

EQUIP is grateful for the growing engagement it gets.

LATEST NEWS 12/11/2018

Are you EQUIPped with the right capacity for your demand?

LATEST NEWS 05/11/2018

EQUIP chats team roles: who is who, in your team?

LATEST NEWS 29/10/2018

EQUIP needs to practice what it preaches, and evaluate some of its impact

LATEST NEWS 22/10/2018

EQUIP asks: what does it take to get people to change behaviours? Sniffly kids reply.

LATEST NEWS 15/10/2018

EQUIP Infographic (say whaaaaat??) update

LATEST NEWS 08/10/2018

EQUIP remembers the GP Summit: That Moment When…

LATEST NEWS 01/10/2018

What’s the score?

LATEST NEWS 24/09/2018

EQUIPPED with the ability to run better searches and hone into your appointment types.

LATEST NEWS 17/09/2018

On a Mission: by Elaine, from Mission’s EQUIP team!

LATEST NEWS 10/09/2018

Actions for you for our GP summit – and Jack joins EQUIP!

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