Edenbridge is an innovative business intelligence tool we use to explore the operational side of general practice and as a source for data.

Edenbridge is set up in all EQUIP practices, and all staff members can request a user access. Practices can also give access to their coach.

Edenbridge extracts the data from EMIS on a daily basis and presents back the data in live dashboards.

Edenbridge contact support:

Our support teams ensure that all reported incidents are resolved as quickly and effectively as possible, helping you to continue to manage and deliver care safely.

Email: support@edenbridgehealthcare.com

Call: +44 (0)1924 900177

-Each practice can set up their system administrator and primary contact on the system. Please make sure that they are up to date (settings section).

-Users can be added by the system administrator.

-The data is directly extracted from EMIS (clinical data and activity book data). If the data looks wrong, it is usually that the activity is not being captured. Most of the time can be corrected by looking at the filters (slot filter coverage). If you need further assistance please contact the EQUIP programme team or Edenbridge support.

  • You can find more about new releases in the “About” section (selection menu on the left).

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