In this section you can learn about key tools you will need on your QI journey.

The Model for Improvement – Part 1

The Model for Improvement – Part 2

Description: Two videos that clearly detail the model for improvement. This model provides an invaluable framework for any improvement work.

Quality Improvement in Healthcare

Description: A short video from Dr Mike Evans that outlines what Quality Improvement (QI) is and why we use it in healthcare.

QI Essentials Toolkit

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Description: The Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit contains information about all of the tools we need in our QI Projects. These include cause and effect diagrams, flowcharts, histograms, Pareto charts, PDSAs, run charts and control charts.

Introduction to driver diagrams

How to use a Driver Diagram

Description: A series of videos that introduce the concept of driver diagrams and their application to QI.

The PDSA Cycle (Part 1)

The PDSA Cycle (Part 2)

Description: Two videos about what PDSAs are, how they are used in QI and how to run them properly.

Run Chart

Description: A guide on how to construct run charts using data you have gathered in your QI projects.

Control Chart (Part 1)

Control Chart (Part 2)

Description: A deep dive into the wonderful world of control charts.


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Description: An online platform that we use on our programme to log our progress in our QI projects. On the platform you can also view other people’s projects, allowing QI teams to learn from the experiences and thoughts of others.

Edenbridge Apex

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Description: An innovative business intelligence tool we use to explore the operational side of general practice and as a source for data.