The Vision

EQUIP’s vision is to make Tower Hamlets the best place to work, and the best place to receive care. We all recognise how important staff wellbeing is, especially during these unprecedented times. EQUIP offers the following areas of support including staff counselling & organisational support.

Staff Counselling Service

The GP Care Group (GPCG) uses an external staff counselling service which is available to free of charge to anyone working in general practice in Tower Hamlets.

With social-distancing measures being increasingly employed, and the news often featuring sensitive and upsetting updates, if you are feeling anxious, then speak to your line manager or a friend. The GPCG employee assistance programme (EAP) service provides:

  • 24/7 access to EAP’s telephone helpline, staffed by trained and qualified counsellors
  • Up to 6 sessions of ‘Brief Focused’ therapy, either on the telephone or face-to-face (post- assessment)
  • Dedicated telephone helplines for issues relating to legal, debt, child and those in dependent care and management support
  • EAP’s Health & Wellbeing portal, ‘Well-Online’ , which provides online support with work, home and financial issues (see log-in details below)

Log in details for ‘Well-Online’:
Username: towerhpr
Password:  wellbeing

Organisational Wellbeing Support for Practice Staff

EQUIP would like to offer all practices and their staff some personal and organisational wellbeing support to help you navigate these complex, uncertain and unprecedented times.

We recognise that putting your wellbeing, balance and resilience front and centre of your work as healthcare professionals has never been more important. We are here to support you so you can positively focus on making a difference in areas that are within your control.

To facilitate this support, we have two dedicated teams:

  1. Our EQUIP Coaches 

  2. Our Thinking Space team (see below)

What is Thinking Space?

Work in primary care involves both brief and prolonged intense encounters with patients who have health outcomes and are in worried states of mind. When working in this environment, which is often fast paced, there is little time for reflection, and the cumulative effect can be exhausting and sometimes, resulting in vicarious trauma. Staff are emotionally, psychologically and occasionally, physically affected due to the build up of stress. When staff are impacted this way, it begins to interfere with the flow of work, especially undermining the ability for teams to work on day to day tasks thus having an adverse effect on the organisation. To complement the QI support that EQUIP already offers to practices, Thinking Space was formed and developed.

What is the offer?

The team is committed to offering mentoring support to people, teams and the whole organisation who may be struggling to embrace change due to system dynamics.

How is it delivered?

Tower Hamlets CCG and primary care staff, have found that regular meetings to reflect on the tasks at work and interpersonal relationships within the organisation can mitigate these effects, contributing to positive staff wellbeing and an improved function of the organisation.

How to get involved?

If you would like support for your practice from Thinking Space, please send an email to: and one of our consultants will come back to you.

Additional Resources

Dr Ryan Kemp, Director of Therapies at the Central and North West London Foundation Trust has pulled together a leaflet here and this short clip: